Pedestrian Garden Petrol Mower Servicing Second Hand Mower Care

The majority of households and commercial gardeners have their petrol mower serviced in the autumn or winter when the grass growing season has finished.

Most lawnmowers require an oil change / service every 50 hours. For the household gardener this might equate to one annual service. For the commercial gardener, this might mean a monthly oil change. If you maintain the engine of your mower as recommended by the manufacturer the reliability of your lawn mower will increase.

Clive’s Gardening Services can offer a collection and delivery service for a small charge

Should you require an update on the progress of your turf management machine service, we can offer a text service to keep you up to date.

Oil Service

Prices will vary according to make and model.

What is included in the service?

An Oil Service
  • Warm up the machine.
    Drain oil, by draining sump or extraction.
    Refill with manufacturers recommended oil and quantity for your pedestrian petrol mower.
    Oil Disposal Charge
  • Only parts replaced at the service are covered by a warranty.
  • Machine-checked over and valeted, any faults advised to the client on collection.
  • An Oil Service will incur a 45-minute labour charge plus engine oil and oil disposal charge.

Fifty Hour Pedestrian Mower Service

  • Check Lawn Mower Starting
  • Check over the machine
  • Clean and refit blade/s
  • Change engine oil, as per “Oil Service”
  • Lubricate where required
  • Change Spark Plug, gapped as per makers recommendation
  • Replace Air Filter
  • Check fuel system and flush
  • Inspect, clean, and lubricate wheels
  • Check wheel height adjusters
  • Check recoil
  • Check starter cord
  • Valet Machine
  • Test the machine

Only parts replaced at the service are covered by a warranty.

A Fifty Hour Pedestrian Mower Service will incur a 1 hour 45-minute labor charge plus parts and an oil disposal charge.

Should you require your rotary cutting blade sharpening or your cylindrical blade regrinding and refurbishing, this will incur additional charges

The slideshow below shows images of an unloved and uncared for Qualcast 35s Classic that came in for a 50 Hour Pedestrian Mower Service.

It had the cylindrical blade cassette sharpened and refurbished .

It also required a new roller belt fitted and the blade drive belt.

After its valet it looked as good as new.

A collection and return service is available for your pedestrian petrol lawn mower,

charges vary depending on distance travelled. Charged at £1.20 per mile on both journeys one way.

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