Clive's Story

We are passionate at what we do

From a young age, Clive was a keen gardener assisting his mother as well as gardening for neighbours to earn extra pocket money.

When Clive got older and had his own garden his love for gardening just grew. As well as raising vegetable crops from seed, he loved growing flowers as well. He also used to create hanging baskets and tubs for home, friends and family.

A large section of Clive’s garden is dedicated to Dahlias where he grows about 50 different varieties. In later life when a career change was required Clive decided to turn his favourite hobby into a business.

Since launching Clive’s Gardening Services, he is proud to have built a round of regular clients plus fitting in ad hoc clients where his schedule allows.

CGS thank all our clients for their custom in 2021 and look forward to gardening for them and new clients in 2022.


“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”

Audrey Hepburn


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At the end of 2018, Clive embarked on a career change. He decided to change his hobby of over 40 years to his full-time job, gardening maintenance services. After working with classic cars for the past 11 years he soon found himself enjoying servicing petrol mowers he had purchased for his business.


As the sourcing of equipment progressed Clive discovered classic mowers made by a well known company called Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies Ltd of Ipswich.

Clive realised that the Ransome lawnmower was a trusted and favoured brand and decided to offer used pedestrian petrol mower sales as part of the business.

As more ideas developed Clive engaged with a local company called Redbrock Creative for branding, web design and marketing.

With a van purchased he was then ready for business.


During the first year of the business, Clives Gardening Services built up a good client following of prestige property owners requiring weekly, fortnightly garden maintenance any gaps in the diary being filled with ad hoc clients.


Started for CGS on January 6th and even though the lockdown kicked in, in March 2020 things did not slow down for Clive.

In fact, things only got busier as people were working from home and using their gardens more.
During 2020 as an eco-friendly company we started using battery-powered machines were the size of the garden or project allowed.

Some larger soft landscaping projects came in and CGS took them on, a trainee was taken on but unfortunately, he did not last.

As jobs from new clients were becoming more varied there was a lot of reinvestment back into the company of hand machinery and a new scarifier plus a large Stihl blower, equipment was hard to source due to covid as suppliers were having problems getting machines into the country, all of this had an unseen impact on CGS services.

The garden season in 2020 ended on 18th December.


After a cold winter with snow, ice and freezing conditions CGS finally got started on the 3rd week of February this year.

A month or two into the season and Clives Gardening Service picked up a couple of large gardens, 1-acre plus. Please see our project page.

Again due to new projects, and property’s CGS reinvested in some more premier brand machinery to meet demand from prestige property clients.

Larger clients now started requesting Clive to manage larger projects for them, in early summer Clive started subcontracting. Tree Surgery and stump grinding to a reputable company. Clive also has a reliable team for fence and gate installations.

In the early summer CGS took on a few commercial clients and at this stage, he was advised it was a good time to move over to a Limited company.



July 1st was the date for this milestone.

As more prestige property clients were contacting Clive he soon realised this was the new direction he would steer the business in 2022.

A business meeting was had with Clive’s brand manager Redbrock Creative and a plan was put together to refresh the website over the low season and refresh the van graphics as well as other points of action.

CGS is now getting a business trend of always beating the previous season turnover.

The 2021 season ended on 23rd December.

Early 2022

In early January Clive was also tasked with pricing a 200m clearance and fencing job, so again, the right standard of the subcontractor was found to work at the client’s prestige property.

CGS had now hit the stage where there wasn’t really a low season as in earlier years.
The new season began 4th January with some ad hoc winter garden tidy ups, raised bed and soft fruit cage builds.

Please see our galleries for all our projects.
Annual regular clients started up again on the 4th of February.

February was a months with a lot of storms, and due to this some jobs did get put back a week or two.

On the 24th of February Russia began the military invasion of Ukraine this caused petrol and diesel prices to escalate rapidly.
With fuel prices rising Clive did more reinvestment in the company and migrated more petrol hand machinery over to battery-powered machinery.
After the website refresh, CGS had an increase in new prestige property clients.

Clive’s Gardening Services are set up and ready for another challenging year.

Mid 2022

Five new prestige properties have joined Clive’s Gardening Services client list in the last quarter. Two of the prestige properties required a ride-on mower as one prestige property had a paddock, orchard and woodland area which needed mowing as well as the main lawns.

CGS reinvested again in new garden machinery and bought a ride on a mulching mower.

Five new prestige properties have joined Clive’s Gardening Services client list in the last quarter.

CGS New Ride on Mower

Late Summer 2022

Lots of hedge work this time of year.

Late Summer hedge Work


Long beech hedge borders the paddock and the orchard at one of our multi-acreage properties.
As well as all the residential gardeners a lot more commercial work has also been coming in.
CGS got employed by JW Wilkinson Group to sort out the outside space at
 a pub refit they were doing at the White Hart in Sabden.

Commercial Property

The latest commercial job CGS has put a tender in for is a big commercial site in Blackburn to make its outside space up to standard for Health & Safety regulations. CGS are always ready for the next challenge.