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From a young age Clive was a keen gardener assisting his mother as well as gardening for neighbours to earn extra pocket money.

Fast forward to when Clive had his own garden and his love for gardening just grew. As well as growing salad and vegetable crops, he loved flowers as well .He enjoyed creating hanging baskets and tubs for home and friends and family. A large section of his garden is dedicated to Dahlias where he grows about 50 different  varieties.

Clive, Proprietor

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<h2>New Career</h2>

New Career



<h2>We are ready!</h2>

We are ready!


In 2018  Clive embarked on a new career. He decided to pursue his love of gardening by offering gardening maintenance services. After servicing and refurbishing cars for the past 11 years he soon found himself enjoying servicing  petrol mowers he had purchased for his business.


As the sourcing of equipment progressed Clive discovered classic mowers made by a well known company called Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies Ltd of Ipswich.

Clive realised that the Ransome lawnmower was a trusted and favoured brand and decided to offer used walk behind petrol mower sales as part of the business.  

As more ideas developed Clive engaged with a local company called Redbrock Creative for branding, web design and marketing.

Finally Clive’s Gardening Services or CGS  had to purchase a van then we would be ready for business..