Ride on Mower for Large Projects

Paddock and Estate Management

Due to taking on more significant properties which sit on multiple-acre grounds Clive’s Gardening Services have recently invested in a ride-on tractor mulching mower. Our ride-on mower is powered by a 22hp Briggs and Stratton engine, so it has the power to cope with those more difficult jobs.

CGS recommend having your grassland topping (cutting or mowing) about every 6 weeks, this is essential to ensure a good dense, healthy grass sward. A good dense turf is a great barrier to weeds. A recent project Clive’s Gardening Services did on the ride-on mower. The first job was this paddock.

A before image. The previous groundsman had not been for 10 weeks so the grassland was well overdue for cutting:


Paddock Service

The paddock had not been cut for 10 weeks


During the image, the Paddock was about as high as the ride on the tractor.

Mulching Cut

Ride on Mower

Perfect for the Job


An after image, looking so much better after a mulching cut with the tractor. Later in the year, we will run over the field with our hollow tine aeration machine to aerate the field.

Mulching cut

Looking better after a cut


Staking and pruning

The second job was to mow a long thin orchard with about two dozen fruit trees.
The before image. All fruit trees needed staking and pruning desperately. Plus, the beech hedge down both sides needed cutting back another job CGS now have booked in the diary.

During Image

Giving those fruit trees some support


A during image. New stakes and rubber tree ties are now ordered to give the fruit trees better support.

Cutting Back in Progress

Beech & Laurel Hedging


Once all the Beech and Laurel Border hedging has been cut back things will look a lot smarter in the orchard.


Fruit tree support

Cutting Paths

cutting around the woodland perimeter


Cutting around the woodland perimeter

The client has dogs and likes a path cutting around the woodland perimeter to exercise his dogs. The third job was cutting this path in, the short video below shows this being done.

Ride on Mower

The orchard after it has been mowed


Front Lawn

The front lawn at the same property has again not been cut for about 10 weeks so the mulching mower cut this down.

Ride on Mower

The front lawn before topping


The ride-on mower and the strimmer for around the trees the lawn came up a treat. 10-ton bags of green waste (grass cuttings) were taken off the lawn as well.

Back Lawn

The front lawn once it was topped


Last job on site

The last job on site grassland-wise was the back lawn.

The video shows the other side of the Common Beech hedges that Clive’s Gardening services will be cut.

Last Job of the day

Common Beech Hedges


The back lawn was taken down and excess grass was removed again.

Back of Lawn

Excess Grass Removed


If you have a project you would like Clive to estimate then contact Clive’s Gardening Services to discuss your grassland